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My 7th Book -"Manifesting Your Divine Why"

My 7th book, "Manifesting Your Divine Why: Being Empowered to Live Your God-Given Life Purpose", is now available on Amazon. I write about how to know, love, and serve God by living your God-given life purpose, regardless of your role and season in life, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

You have a Divine Why, a reason why God created you. You also have a God-given life purpose to fulfill in your life, the way you manifest your Divine Why. If you have any doubt about whether you are doing what God wants you to do now or in the future, you should read this book.

     You and I have the same Divine Why. You and I may even have the same God-given life purpose. However, we manifest our Divine Why and our purpose in different ways. If you feel there has to be more to life than you have experienced and accomplished, and you are not being all you can be and all God wants you to be and do, you should read this book.

     Even if you are now doing what someone in my Bible study group calls “God things,” you may not be doing what “God wants done” in and through you. If that concerns you, you should read this book.

     I am a Christ follower who has met challenges, seized opportunities, bridged life's transitions, and now lives his God-given life purpose, manifesting his Divine Why with the help of the Holy Spirit as a Christian Life Coach.

     That’s why I want to help you acknowledge your Divine Why and help you manifest it in your own, unique way, through discovering and fulfilling your God-given life purpose, regardless of your role and your season in life. And that’s why you should read this book

Take a Look Inside

Part One – What Is Empowered Living?                    

  Super-Sizing Your Spiritual Life

  Perspectives to Consider                                                            

  The Holy Spirit and Your Divine Why                       

  Getting to Know the Holy Spirit                                               

  Adopting a “Holy Spirit Lifestyle”                                           

  A Spiritual Basket of Fruits and Gifts                                   

  Jesus Is the Vine. You Are a Branch.                                      

  See Problems? The Spirit Sees Answers.                               

Part Two – Are You Living Empowered?                   

   Walking the Talk in the Spirit

   Perspectives to Consider                                               

   The Song: “Walk Like a Christian”                                        

   Are You a Force to Be Reckoned With?                                

   Is God Your Back-Up Generator?                                           

   Are You Living Under the Influence?                                   

   What Makes Your Christian Life “POP?”                                   

   Is Your Personality an Aroma of Christ?                             

   What Kind of Clay Are You?                                                   

   Driven to Succeed or Called to Serve?                                  

Part Three – Connecting Your Faith to Life                

   Standing on God’s Plan for You

   Perspectives to Consider                                               

   Having “Whatever” Faith                                                            

   How Big Is Your God?                                                               

   There’s No “I” in the Word “Faeth”.                                       

   How to Hurricane-Proof Your Faith                                      

   Spending Time in the Boat with Jesus                                 

   Speaking Forth with Prophetic Faith                                   

   Faith: An Oasis in the Heart and Soul                                 

Part Four – Preparing to Make the Connection        

   Spending Spirit Time with God

   Perspectives to Consider                                               

   The Breakfast of Christians                                                    

   Examen Prayer: Prayer Made Simple                                   

   Enjoy Daily “Spiritual Communion”                                     

   Walking with Jesus in the Garden                                     

   Making Spiritual Pit Stops                                                   

   Listening Spiritually to the Spirit                                       

   Experiencing Spiritual Mindfulness                                   

   Why Does God Go Silent on You?                                        

Part Five – Discovering Your God-Given Purpose   

   Being God’s Message to the World 

   Perspectives to Consider                                            

   Knowing Your Purpose on Purpose                                          

   What’s All the Fuss About?                                                  

   Ready to Do the Extraordinary?                                          

   Taking a Snapshot of Your Life                                           

   Connecting Your Life Purpose Dots                                    

   Mining Your Valuable Resources                                        

   Playing Pin Your Tale to Your Passions                            

   What Principles Guide You?                                                 

   Discover and Use Your Spiritual Gifts                               

   There’s No Bit Part in God’s Play                                       

 Part Six – Living Your God-Given Purpose               

   Being a Co-Creator with God  

   Perspectives to Consider                                            

   Creating Your Life-Purpose Statement                             

   Defining a Vision and a Mission                                          

   Guardrails for Your Journey                                                

   Being a Co-Creator with God                                               

   How to Manage Your Assets                                                 

   Waiting on God’s Cloud to Move                                         

   God Will Say “Show Me Your Scars”                                  

   Getting Outside When Crowded Inside                             

   Ready to Be One of God’s Weightlifters?                           

A Final Challenge                                                                       

A Final Thought                                                                         


   Appendix 1 Gifts of the Holy Spirit                                    

   Appendix 2 Work of the Holy Spirit                                    

   Appendix 3 The Spiritual Disciplines                                

   Appendix 4 How Are You Doing Today?                            

   Appendix 5 Impactful Life Decisions                                  

   Appendix 6 Strengths, Skills, and More                            

   Appendix 7 Pinning Down Your Passions                         

   Appendix 8 Principles that Guide You                               

   Appendix 9 Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts                    

   Appendix 10 Your Life Purpose Statement                      

   Appendix 11 Your Vision and Mission Statements         

   Appendix 12 Changes You Need to Make                         

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