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Books by Gary Goerk
"Gary's books are easy to read and filled with deep life meaning. We used them in our Bible study group. You will not be disappointed."

“Great for group discussion. Good for personal growth and small group study.”
My 7th Book Published in April 2024
Manifesting Your Divine Why Book

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You are called by God to manifest your Divine Why, to know him, love him, and serve him. This book helps you do just that!
     In this book, I introduce you to the concepts of your Divine Why and a Holy Spirit Lifestyle, and the ways the Holy Spirit empowers you to empower yourself as you seek to discover and live your God-given life purpose. I invite you to consider how effectively you are living a Holy Spirit Lifestyle, a way of living that gives you confidence and boldness to act as the Spirit directs you to connect your faith to your life.
     I look at a faith-filled life from different perspectives, from having an emboldened “whatever faith,” to strengthening your faith, to finding peace in your faith no matter what life throws at you. I suggest ways you can grow closer to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit by entering into their divine relationship and communing with them through spending time with them throughout your day.
     I help you discover your God-given life purpose and describe ways you can follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as you become God’s message to those around you and the world at large, and explain the importance of having a Life Purpose Statement, a Vision Statement, and a Mission Statement, I offer you guardrails to keep you on track as you use your natural abilities and your spiritual gifts to fulfill your God-given purpose and manifest your Divine Why.
      In the Appendices, I share scriptures about the spiritual gifts, the work of Holy Spirit, and the spiritual disciplines. 

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About My Previous Six Books
     In these books,  I invite readers to join in an eclectic conversation as we walk with God, and I share insights and quotes he has laid upon my heart through my experiences regarding key areas of personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and the Christian experience. 
You, Me, God Make Three Book
  Each book includes a combination of thought-provoking readings with a personal reflection, relevant scriptures, inspirational famous quotes, questions and applications, space for journaling, and suggested prayers for sharing.
     The format of the books is perfect for personal or small group study. I sat in on one such group, and appreciated how they used one of previous books on a year-long journey through Scripture, and used the questions and applications I suggested.

Available on Amazon. Click images to order.

You, Me, God Make Three Book
You, Me and God Make Three Book
     The prayers featured in You, Me, and God Make Three: Perfect Prayers for an Imperfect World are far from “perfect” in the sense of being complete and correct in every way, for every topic, for every reader. This collection of prayers is far from perfect, given the myriad of needs for which one could pray, and opportunities for personal and corporate prayer.
     The collection of 290 prayers includes a sampling of the prayers I’ve posted on Facebook and other social media. The prayers are “perfect” for today’s world because every day I posted, I looked at what was going on inside me, around me in this crazy and fallen world, and what was happening to God’s hurting people, and prayed about it.


Available on Amazon. Click images to order.

You, Me, God Make Three Book
You, Me and God Make Three Book
You, Me, God Make Three Book
More Reader Reviews of My Books

“We studied his first book in our Bible study group. We picked a chapter, read what he had to say, and talked about the scriptures and applications. Good stuff.”  
“We started using his first book after he spoke to our small women’s church group. The reflections and questions prompted a lot of good discussion.”
“Gentle, thoughtful, and encouraging. A prayerful, simple, and light approach to complicated things.”
“There’s something here for everyone. I like that I could pick the topics that caught my eye. The chapter titles intrigued me.”             
“A+. I can’t wait to get my own copy so I can really get into the reflective questions. That’s my way of growing internally, spiritually.”
“I have a couple of his books. Not your usual devotionals. Each reflection is like a mini sermon.”
“It’s amazing. I’ll read the book and find the right words at just the right time for my day.”
“I’ve given a couple of the books you gave me to my son who is in the service. He told me he’s been blessed by them.”
“After I say  my  morning prayers, I   read   a chapter of your book. It’s good reading for my daily life.”
“My husband and I are using your books for our daily morning devotions. The chapters are short and good thought-starters.” 
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