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Life Coaching Positivity

"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. (Proverbs 16:24)

I've been blessed to know amazing people. Thanks.

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In the Words of Others

“Working with Gary helped me to look in the mirror and be truthful about the roadblocks holding me back from making solid decisions for my future. I was able to improve self talk and realize that I have a good support network, thereby allowing me to take steps forward without as much fear of risk/failure.  I consider Gary a partner I can trust for wisdom.”
Coaching Client
"After having a session with Gary, I leave fortified with strategies to cope and overcome stumbling blocks. I am a Christian and Gary has Jesus Christ in the center of every encounter I have with him. He has enabled me to look beyond myself to see the bigger picture. He opens and closes our sessions with prayer. This fine Christian man is our Brother in Christ. Thank You, Gary, for making a difference in my walk with Christ in good and difficult times."
Coaching Client
"Gary is an extraordinary Christ follower, a keen observer of all that is going on around him. He sees people’s need for God in situations seldom seen by others. Gary is creative, disciplined, and a prayer warrior. His books are easy to read and filled with deep life meaning."
Rev. Stephen "Gutty" Gutridge
"I have known Gary for about seven years, and the first thought that comes to mind is Christ centered. Gary uses the gifts that the Lord has blessed him with.  His love and compassion for others, is evident not just in word but deed. Gary has a humble spirit that is always seeking to spotlight the attributes of those around him, encouraging and uplifting the positive. As a Christian life coach, I believe Gary would help an individual work on reaching the goals and blessings, that the Lord intended for that person."
Shelly Mushinsky (Co-Worker)
"I have known Gary for over ten years. He has been an encourager and friend at our church. He has led grief counseling groups both at Glade Run and in the community. He is an excellent listener and gives wise advice. He is fully trained through Newburgh Theological Seminary, and is also a fully trained life coach.  What is unique about Gary is that he will listen to you and help you find a direction in your life that fits who you as a person. I highly recommend him as a life coach." 
Rev. Greg Wiest
"Knowing and working with Gary these past two years has had a large impact on the way I view life. He is a knowledgeable, calm, steadying influence. He shares God's love so beautifully with those experiencing difficulties and helps them to smile again."
Sandy Hill, RNC, BS
"Gary is reliable, steadfast, honest, prompt, dependable, happy, and generous with his time and talents. He has a great sense of humor and has compassion for people in general. He has a strong moral character and is a witness for his faith."
Tim Stenner
Former Director of South Butler County Meals-on-Wheels
"Gary and I have worked together for over two years.  When I think of Gary's work with people, the words person-centered comes to mind. He sees the person. He listens to the person. He takes time for the person. Gary truly does God's work."
Marjorie Hobaugh, M. Ed., PCH-A
"Change me? Gary can help you see life-changing results. I will say that he is persistent and has been a seeker himself. He loves people, wants to share, and is caring. We all need to be motivated. Gary is a fine person to walk with on your life journey." 
Patricia A. Morgan
Benedictine Oblate
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You, Me, and God Make Three Life Coaching


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