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FAQs about Life Coaching
When you decide to engage the services of a life coach, you are making a big decision, one that will change your life. Choose wisely. 
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What would a typical session look like?

We begin with prayer and a scripture reading. After reviewing what's going on in our lives (yes, my life too), the previous session or a take-home activity, we set goals for the session and then "dig in" for the next 40-45 minutes. There will be questions, frank talk, and discovery. Before calling it a day, we'll look to the next session, talk about needed preparation, and end with prayer. All sessions will be confidential.
How Many Sessions Will I Need?
Obviously the answer depends upon your individual situation and motivation in the course of the coaching process. The general opinion in the life coaching field is that people generally accomplish what is needed in 8-16 sessions. Depending upon your priorities and progress, the coaching schedule could be adjusted to include more sessions per month or less if you are meeting your goals and can proceed independently.
Subsequent monthly and quarterly update sessions can also be arranged. The need for these and pricing will be determined when you have met your goals, and are ready to explore and experience your new future on your own.
Is Life Coaching Counseling or Therapy?

Counselors and therapists diagnose and help people deal with their problems and past issues with an emphasis on healing. While life coaches do not dismiss the fact that clients may have problems and past issues that need addressed by other professionals, the emphasis in life coaching is forward, not backward. It is solution-oriented based on the agenda set by you, the client. Counseling and therapy is not for everyone, life coaching is.

Is Christian Life Coaching Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction focuses on a person's personal, intimate relationship with God as they listen to God and find meaning in their spiritual journey, especially through prayer and the spiritual disciplines. Christian life coaching focuses on how that relationship is manifested in all areas of a person's life. Spiritual direction has a coaching dimension and Christian life coaching has a spiritual direction dimension.
Free Initial Consultation

You, Me, and God Make Three Life Coaching


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