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What If God Acted Like You and Me? Heaven Forbid!

Another phrase that comes to mind is "perish the thought."

Can you imagine what would happen if God acted like us mortals?

Of course, artists of all kinds have depicted God in human terms.

Many civilizations have created gods with human characteristics.

But again, let's get personal. Can you imagine God acting like you? I certainly can't imagine God acting like me. Actually, I suppose I can. Scary!!

Whether you consider God a vengeful, all-powerful judge ready to smack you down when you do something wrong, a loving Father who gently disciplines his children and even died on the Cross for you, try this on for size.

Every every time you get angry, become impatient, start whining and complaining, tell a lie and gossip, cheat in some way, or just be downright nasty, stop and ask, "What if God acted this way?"


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