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The 10 P's of Christian Life Coaching

My Life Purpose model of Christian Life Coaching can be best understood from the standpoint of the questions a client and I might explore regarding his or her life, their relationship with God, and their Christian walk and how it affects their life areas (i.e. career, wellness, end-of-life issues). 

POSITION Where am I today in how I live my life, my relationship with God, and my Christian walk?

PERSONALITY How do I describe the way I think and act? How would others describe me?

PROPERTIES What are my talents, skills, and abilities that help me achieve? What are my weaknesses?

PREPARATION What influences over the years have made me who I am and what I can do?

POINT OF VIEW Do I approach life with a positive or negative attitude? How do I face challenges?

PASSION What am I really passionate about? What drives me to do what I do?

PRINCIPLES What values guide what I do in life? Who am I accountable to? Where do my allegiances lie?

PURPOSE What is my purpose in life? Why did God create me? Who am I to serve?

PLANNING How can I live out His purpose for me? What exactly do I need to do in all areas of my life?

PROGRESS How will I make sure I keep on track? Who will be there to support me?

If a client seems to be in alignment with the purpose God has set for his or her life, serving others, and successfully walking their Christian walk, but has some issues in a specific life area, then we can still go through all or part of the model to explore together the life area of interest.

Life Coach coaching principles.


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