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Letting God: Riding With No Hands

Boy riding bike with no hands showing how to let God work

Letting Go as a Child

One of my favorite pastimes as a young boy was riding my black and orange Schwinn bicycle. It was my pride and joy. My dad had it welded two times after I crashed it. I thought that was really cool. Maybe I was trying for a trifecta, because I had this habit of riding it with no hands. I was just being a kid.

I enjoyed the sense of freedom, letting go once I started peddling, the wheels started turning, and I stabilized the handle bars. I would lean back, fold my hands behind my head, and enjoy the wind blowing my hair.

Letting Go as an Adult

As an adult, I’ve experienced a sense of freedom every time I let go of the handlebars of life, and let God take over. As a Christian who has embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, this sense of freedom has grown stronger. Not that I’m always coasting through life without holding onto the handlebars of life.

The road we travel isn’t always smooth. But the Lord has taught me how to keep peddling through life, and stay balanced with his presence and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It's Important to Stay Balanced

When I first learned to ride with no hands, I was afraid of tipping over. I didn’t trust myself. But once I knew how easy it was, I was excited about biking this way every day. I trusted myself.

In the same way, if we keep in God’s Word, we see how he is in control, in the Old Testament by protecting his people, and in the New Testament by saving his people.

Once I became familiar with how to balance the bike, pointing it in the right direction, and peddling, I could lean back and enjoy the ride. Once we turn over our life to God, trusting him and knowing how he takes care of his people, we can place our faith in his ability to take us in the direction he wants us to go.

You Need to Keep Peddling

Was I always riding my bike with no hands? Of course not. Riding on city streets, I encountered potholes, cars, curves, and pedestrians. I not only had to keep peddling. I had to grab the handlebars, maintain control of the bike, and steer it around obstacles. I also had to obey stop signs and traffic lights.

In the same way, God wants us to play an active role in seizing opportunities, maintaining a balanced life, and navigating around unexpected problems and challenges. Letting go and letting God does not excuse us from keeping his commandments and following the principles expressed in his Word.

Exploring New Ways to Experience

I also enjoyed exploring new bike trails, even though they were city streets and back alleys. I discovered new ways to experience the ride and meet new people. God also encourages us to explore new ways to experience his world and the fellowship of others by meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Riding my bike was part of experiencing the freedom of childhood, of letting go. As an adult, I began experiencing the freedom of letting God, of trusting the Lord to help me stay focused, maintain balance, and head in the right direction.

Even when he is in control, and my hands are off the handlebars, I have to keep peddling, obey his commandments, and keep my eyes on the road of life.

Additional reading:

In God's Words

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverbs 3:5)

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

(1 Peter 5:7)

Also read: Psalm 90:17, John 14:12, Philippians 4:13

In the Words of Others

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To stay balanced, you need to keep moving.” Albert Einstein

“Let go of what you think you know. Something amazing happens when you let God and trust.” Tammy L. Kubasko

“When you let go, something magical happens. You give God room to work.” Mandy Hale

Think About It

  • Recall times when you consciously let go of the handlebars of your life and told the Lord to take control. Describe your feeling at the time. Was it hard to do? Have you had to do it daily?

  • Even though you tell the Lord to take control of your life, how do you keep peddling, going where the Lord wants you to go?

  • Reflect on how God saves in Exodus 14:29-31, Romans 5:8, Isaiah 43:1-7, Matthew 1:21, John 3:16-17.

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