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Pops, There Is No Water

When I'm playing golf with my son, and we come to a hole that has a pond or a lake near the fairway or in front of the tee box, he always tells me to imagine there is no water.

"Pops, there is not water."

"Of course there's water," I say.

He says,"If you focus on the water and not where you want to hit the ball, you'll put the ball in the water."

Oh, he's so right!

When I'm focused on driving the ball down the fairway (not usually too far) and not distracted by the pond or lake in front of me, my ball stays dry.

Life lesson: Keep your mind and heart on what you want to accomplish. Don't be distracted by things that could go wrong and other what if's.

Have an advisor beside you to guide you and remind you about what you have to accomplish, what the Lord wants you to successfully do. Invite the Holy Spirit to go golfing with you.

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