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Find a Place to Pray in the Bible and Help Your Prayer Life

Have you thought about finding the perfect place to pray, thinking it would help you have a richer and more meaningful prayer life?

Try this.

The next time you pray, close your eyes and envision yourself at a certain place mentioned in the Bible. Picture yourself looking around, taking in the scenery, the people, and the activity taking place. I guarantee it will enhance your prayer experience exponentially.

So, where would you like to pray?

A perfect place to start is the Garden of Eden. Like the popular hymn says, picture yourself walking and talking with God. Isn't this what prayer is all about?

If you feel brave, picture yourself in the lion's den with Daniel, or beside John the Baptist or the Apostle Paul in prison. Pray about their courage and faith, asking for the Lord to enhance yours.

Marvel at the many miracles Jesus performed as you sit with spectators. Recall the wedding feast of Cana, the feeding of the 5,000, and the raising of Lazarus. Consider how Jesus can work miracles in your life.

Travel with Balthasar as he follows a special star to see the birth of a king in a lowly stable. Sit in that stable and prayerfully ponder the significance for you and the world of what is taking place.

Picture yourself in another garden, the Garden of Gethsemane. See Jesus struggling with the fate that awaited him on Golgotha. Pray about the struggles you face and how to accept them.

Reverently see yourself at the foot of the Cross. Once there, allow the horror of the moment to mix with the absolute love and obedience shown by Jesus as he dies for your sins.

You get the point. If you have trouble getting into the spirit for prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to mentally and emotionally transport you to a place in the Bible.

If you need inspiration, find a story in the Bible that interests you. Read it. Read it a second or third time and let the Spirit take over. Trust him to envelope you with the all the nuances and experiences of that place and time.

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