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Experience the Historic Tour of Mind-Seeing

The tour guide stood before us sharing his knowledge about the historic district of downtown Charleston as he held onto the reins of the horse pulling our carriage.

He introduced himself as Tony, someone who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, for over 33 years. This, he said, meant he knew a “little bit” about this corner of the Palmetto State.

His tour was amazing. He was amazing. His knowledge of historic Charleston was amazing. His rapid-fire recollection and telling of details was amazing. He welcomed each of us personally and told us to take a seat and enjoy the tour.

Take a seat and enjoy a tour of your life.

Back in the hotel later that evening, I thought about the tour and Tony’s stream of details as I lay in bed. My mind made a quick detour, taking me on a rapid-fire tour of my life, a detailed and yet random, even dream like tour, showing little respect for time and space.

I realized this kind of dream-like stream of consciousness and awareness is not unusual, as we often experience this in day dreaming or nocturnal dreaming. But Tony's attention for detail prompted me to try to pay attention each time I take a seat on such a historic mind-seeing tour my life.

Thanks Tony!


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