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Could You Benefit from Christian Life Coaching?

About Midlife Plus Christian Life Coaching and Changing Your Life

A friend of mine asked me the other day about who could benefit from my services. It was part of a larger conversation we were having about the difference between life coaching and counseling.

I had already explained counseling is not for everyone, while anyone can benefit from life coaching. But he wanted examples. I referred him to my web site, where I list 11 signs a person could benefit from life coaching, especially Christian life coaching. Of course, there could be other signs.

We all go through transitions in life, especially in the midlife years of 45 and beyond. Some transitions offer significant opportunities. Others present major challenges that can affect your personal, professional, spiritual lives.

If you are in this age bracket, and can relate to any of the following statements, you should consider engaging the services of a Christian life coach.

  • Feel there has to be more to life than you have experienced and accomplished.

  • Are not being all you can be, and all God your creator wants you to be.

  • Let obstacles and fears keep you from your goals and pursuing your dreams.

  • Feel stuck in your job or career, like you're marking time, going nowhere fast.

  • Wake up and consider that the most significant accomplishment of your day.

  • Always worry about events and changes, and then learn most never occur.

  • Spend more time thinking about past mistakes than present opportunities.

  • Been overwhelmed by a career change, relationship issues, or significant loss.

  • Face care-giving decisions regarding your aging parents or a loved one.

  • Struggling with grief after the loss of a loved one or good friend.

  • Long for a personal path leading to a more intimate relationship with God.

As a board certified Christian Life Coach who has met challenges, seized opportunities, bridged life's transitions, and now lives his God-given purpose, I will help and encourage you from a faith-based, biblical perspective.

Do you need to be a Christian or even a believer?

Whether or not you are a Christian, or even a believer, you can expect me to walk alongside you as Paul asks us to do in 1 Thessalonians. Paul tells us to "encourage one another and build each other up."


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